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  1. The best thing about when I don't read much, is that when I come back there is too much to read haha.

    I loved it.

    Love the ending haha and I love Leyla saying " Hey it's the second time" haha Leyla is so fair haha she doesn't fall for anything.

    I really like how you always make Lauren look at her and realize how beautiful she is.

    You make me so happy your stories make me so happy.


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    1. BEASL

      Have fun reading with all that you have to catch up on!

      I am happy that you loved it.

      HAHA yeah it's just a typical Leyla thing to do.

      Because she is... really beautiful

      I am glad that me and your stories make you happy because you and your stories make me also a happier person.

      See you soon!


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