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  1. Bleach - Goodbye, Rukia

    Ahhhh, oh my gosh, my dear author!!!!! No words can describe how much I absolutely love this: Joann/Keyla and soulmate and FEELINGS, so much feelings <3 I'll be back with a more coherent comment, but just needed you to know how excited I am to have received this lovely lovely gift!

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    1. Bleach - Goodbye, Rukia

      I'm back and oh, I love this fic so much! I have such a soft spot for soulmate AUs, especially any that makes two characters have to deal with feelings, either their own or the other half, and I'm so delighted to read this for Joann/Keyla <3

      I love the alternating POV and how we get to read Keyla's and Joann's perspective throughout different parts of their lives up until where we see them in canon, but most of all, getting a glimpse of what Joann is feeling through Keyla and vice versa. The odd sad feelings seemed to get stronger, come on more often, the closer her first semester finals got, the dread Keyla feels late one night, gives such wonderful depth to Joann (via Keyla) and that she isn't always as happy as she seems.

      Ahh, Joann feeling the terror Keyla felt when the Shenzhou was attacked!! This is such a great detail and the background worldbuilding of how soulmates fit within the ST universe was so well done, and merged so effortlessly within Joann's narrative. I love the reference back to the dread Keyla felt about losing something she mightnever get back, and the reminder that it was Joann who felt that dread, and it melts away when she sees Keyla for the first time.

      I'm all there for anything that explores Keyla's augmentation: the fact that she thinks her injury knocked her soulmate connection, and her implant was actually affecting the way she feels... *sighs* they find each other and need reach other, all the little gestures and casual touches you've added is just so lovely. And Airiam!!! T__T

      Keyla hated the fact that she could follow Joann’s fear. -- this sentences is just so angsty, I love it and how their fear is mutual that Keyla doesn't know where on them ended and other began. Keyla being so overwhelmed that she forgets about keeping her and Joann's relationship a secret, and just kisses Joann all over <3

      Michael's appearance is just perfect <3

      Keyla thinking she doesn't deserve Joann, and Joann just being Joann, and always so faithfully and supportive is *chef's kiss*

      I reallly really love the snippets of canon and how you sprinkled the soulmate AU into it, especially getting to see Keyla flying Book's ship from Joann's POV, and seeing how helpless Joann feels because there's really nothing she can do but watch and send loving feeling across the connection they have. It's a lovely touch with Joann laughing and having to explain to Saru that Keyla was successful!

      Again, I absolutely adore and love this so much. Thank you for taking one of my most tropiest of AUs for this pairing and writing this for me! <3

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