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  1. Blue

    I knew you would like Selah Sue!! She is do different and a real and truthful artist and I noticed that that is what you like.😊😊

    The other artists that you sekd me are indeed similar with her but alsoo so different and themselves. Yebba is new for me but I like her it's like indeed a Sealh Sue vibe but with her own soft unique voice.

    I was familiar with Annie Lenox another artist that I really like!!

    You knew Stromae!? Amazing I like it when people not from Belgium knows artists from here because we have kinda good and unique ones in here that definitely deserve be heard around the whole world!!

    I watched the what's in your bag thing I definitely gonna searcg more of it because it's interesting and I like to get to know new music and artists.

    I wasn't sure that you were gonna like Bazart but I am glad that you did!! 😊😊

    I like it that you like a lot kinds of music. 😊😊

    Don't say thank you because you give me the feeling were not in a commentbox because that's because you are an amazing person!!

    I am so glad that you came out of your shell but that's not only because of me or the music

    It's you because you're brave.

    Blue- ofcourse it gonna continue!! Now i am gonna be your little stalker you know. 😏😂 (No no I am kidding or am I? 🤫🤫)

    Blue all you say about me it's the same with you thank you for being in our lifes. Your comments and personality literally created this bond between us. Like you never gave up on the home story you stayed. You kept commenting and motivating me, supporting me. And not only me all the fanfic writers.

    You are Blue the superporter (super suporter) I thought I try a cool nickname like you always do but I better let it to you because hahahahahaha.

    Blue I see you as my friend and virtual mom. It's not something that I take for granted.

    A lot of love and friendship.


    PS. Maybe we should just share with every chapter or story one song or artist that we keep doing this without spamming the comment section. Just a ritual thing between us. If you don't want too then it's alsoo okay. It was just an idea. (I al not good at ideas😂😂)

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    1. WGS,

      Thank you and I love your idea.
      Deal 🤝. 😊

      I look forward to sharing our musical journey.

      Love and friendship,


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