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  1. Escher Snakes

    BRITCHES DOTTY BECAME A WAR CORRESPONDENT. YES. That's what happened to the girl who licked Sammy Leeds! I could not have asked for more perfect than that, I really couldn't've. :-D

    For a little bit in there, I thought she was going to have to put the britches back on to get access to the front! I'm not sad that she didn't, though. I like her going and facing down the War Department, and I very much like the detail about the Paris dress. I was always dubious about her enthusiasm for dresses at the end of her canon story, but there's something about this detail that makes all that clearly hers. She is not merely wearing dresses nowadays because that is what is done; she has a certain pride/pleasure/satisfaction in dressing well. Fashion is a social weapon, after all, and she's wielding that dress with the same confidence that she wields her pistols. (I am not explaining it well, perhaps? But as a characterization detail, it works.)

    And I love how cheerfully inconvenient she is, for her editor, for Tom, for the War Department. So lovely to see how she's grown since her schoolyard days, when she was trying so damn hard to please her papa, being black-eye-and-bareknuckle inconvenient for everyone else, and taking no joy in any of it. This is a Dotty who is grown up, who has figured out what she wants, who is leveraging what she learned from those days, who is having adventures commensurate with the spirit she showed then, but who isn't chasing old ghosts. She makes me very happy.

    And I laughed and laughed when she threatened to write to Papa! That is straight out of T.D.'s playbook, right there! And of course she knows exactly how powerful that play is, given what she went through herself to keep from disappointing her own papa!

    (Speaking of Papa: how lovely is it that he took an active interest in her career? That is so on-the-nose him, from the guilt to the pride, all of it.)

    btw, when I saw the summary, I had to go wake Grrlpup up and squeal at her in glee. Because that is exactly the sort of mess that he'd get himself sucked into. Fortunately for us all, Tom was raised better than that. He just needs help remembering that he was raised better than that.

    Thank you so much for the story!

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