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  1. I love how you set this in your home town. It sounds like a beautiful place to live!

    Ooh sandy sandwiches are horrible, I definitely understand why Anne was so keen to keep them sealed up as much as possible. What a shame after all their efforts they couldn't eat them. But it sounds like it was worth it to try the Flake.

    Of course Anne brought her thermometer with her! I loved that bit! I can just imagine her on the beach checking the temperature whilst the other two play in the waves.

    I love how they managed to convince Marian to go to the cinema whilst they had some time to have sex. Gosh, the smut was goooood! 🥵🔥 I laughed when Anne said the strap was the first thing she packed!! Hahaha! 😂 So funny!

    Aww, I love how Ann and Marian were so caring and understanding that Anne wanted to go home earlier than planned. Even the mighty, adventurous Anne Lister gets homesick sometimes!

    Thank you for contributing to the challenge! Loved reading this ☺️🥰

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    1. Thank you for your sweet comment. Yeah, I a bit homesick right now. Thankfully we will be there soon visiting family especially grandkids.

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