Comment on With Her Hands

  1. I actually think Song was really good in the eternals event, like in that sequence where she talks to Mugen inside his own mind, SHE'S COME SO FAR ;_; but yeah, Song's in a weird place where she's obviously post uncap character development now but the game doesn't necessarily focus on that, but I kinda blame that more on just the scope of the game itself. From what I've seen of her transcendence episodes tho, they do touch on it so IT'S NOT A COMPLETELY LOST CAUSE. But I won't say no to more Song and Silva showing up together!!!

    The part with the magic was my favorite part to write, I like thinking about how magic would affect the body especially when everyone has magical powers in this setting, especially when it looks like Song is channeling A LOT of magic in her sprites.

    Thank you for reading!!

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