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    WAAHHHH this is so perfect and beautiful god bless...

    I’ve always been thinking ever since the last eternals event how they don’t really reference Song’s character development anymore in fate episodes and im just like AARRGGG this couple deserves nothing but happiness but the angst was so good tho...!

    anyway, this was really really great. I loved the descriptions of the magic flowing into Song’s hands, how it was so powerful to burn through her skin and gloves. The parts where Song’s remembering the words of the bow and the descriptions of her feelings as they run through her was all so *chefs kiss* im gonna be thinking about it for a long time. beautiful job!! looking forward to your next piece as always~

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    1. I actually think Song was really good in the eternals event, like in that sequence where she talks to Mugen inside his own mind, SHE'S COME SO FAR ;_; but yeah, Song's in a weird place where she's obviously post uncap character development now but the game doesn't necessarily focus on that, but I kinda blame that more on just the scope of the game itself. From what I've seen of her transcendence episodes tho, they do touch on it so IT'S NOT A COMPLETELY LOST CAUSE. But I won't say no to more Song and Silva showing up together!!!

      The part with the magic was my favorite part to write, I like thinking about how magic would affect the body especially when everyone has magical powers in this setting, especially when it looks like Song is channeling A LOT of magic in her sprites.

      Thank you for reading!!

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