Comment on On my way home (5 times before a Rendezvous)

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    Seox!!! Ah, I stayed the whole RAGE-Tournament to see who was going to be the next DLC, I'm not gonna lie but I was expecting Sandalphon and I joked online it could also be Seox and I'm not kidding that all the sleepiness I had staying up disappeared the moment I saw Seox standing there with his theme playing (it was announced around 4:25 a.m. here in my country).

    Seox is very funny cuz he can death-threat you with his mask on but without is a blushing mess who can even speak correctly, I love how you wrote that menacing vibe of him but also his soft side. Thanks for the food (and sorry for the spam, I finally got the time to read your amazing writing and I couldn't help myself ^^;;)

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