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  1. My Finn/Liz shipper heart might just have exploded from all the adorableness; thank you so much for another brilliant fic. A story about origami plus Finn and Liz would have never crossed my mind but the way you wrote this is magnificent and very plausible indeed.

    Ah, there are so, so many things that I love here that I'll probably end up making a huge list of points (or indeed the entire story)!

    But seriously this bit:

    '...following their minor squabble, fucks him so hard that he's practically knocked unconscious'

    and Liz's subsequent Star Wars reference...just couldn't stop laughing. It's just so them.

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    1. Thank you!! (The premise wouldn't have occurred to me either, if not for bizarre Tumblr text posts. :p) And I have way too much fun with the Star Wars references. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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