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  1. I see my point flew right over your head. I'll explain it simpler.

    A CS rep cannot actually remove you themselves. They can tell you to leave and threaten to call security but cannot actually do any ACTION themselves to remove you. Security are the only ones who can actually DO something. You know similar to how the ao3 mods on here can do action against your account but the support team can only tell you what to not do.

    Now as for this part:

    "and you are not entitled multiple chances to fix behavior that you have already been warned about."

    Well maybe the tos should be more clear then. There isn't even anything in it about linking to ko-fi or paying sites. Yes in the TOS FAQ there is but I why would I think the TOS itself wouldn't have all the info about what actually breaks the rules? More importantly why is a week to go through hundreds of fictions, (including the comments) and find where previous violations might be something that anybody would consider reasonable? Even going through them in the month of suspension takes longer and is made even more time consuming because you have to make notes to refer to later because their stupid rules don't even let you edit your stuff while suspended.

    Maybe they should actually be useful as mods and find and remove the stuff themselves instead of giving out suspensions for honest mistakes. Or they could let you edit stuff while suspended and then appeal once you've gotten everything removed and have them take a look. Otherwise I guess they only exist to go on power trips by issuing out warnings and suspensions.

    And finally, you are either insane or have no life if you think that amount of time to fix things and a ban when a user is behaving currently is a good thing. Either way, I didn't read the other users drivel and won't be reading yours if you reply. Some people have a life and don't want to argue with trolls who have their head up ao3s ass.

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    1. lol I had an inkling that someone /this/ entitled was caught for breaking one of the cardinal rules on this website. The one that actually endanger OTW's mission of non-profit. Risking it for everyone else. And then acting like a child throwing a fit because other people won't clean up your mess. Incredible.

      Look: it's here in the TOS:
      it clearly states: "B. Spam and commercial promotion - Promotion of commercial products or activities is not allowed. "

      I hope they ban you for good.

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    2. Support contacts you by email. Why wouldn't you just reply to that email and explain the situation? It's one week to fix a single violation; if you explain you've done it hundreds of times, they can give you more time to clean up your mess.

      How long could it possibly take you to delete a link in your author notes or whatever? A few minutes each? Even if you broke the rule hundreds of times, that's what, an hour or two out of your whole week? You have the time to write hundreds of fic, but no time at all to respect the archive? You clearly have the time to troll comments. Why don't you spend that time acting responsibly instead?

      "Behaving currently" doesn't make sense. If you have hundreds of violations sitting in your account, then you aren't behaving. It's also hard to take an anonymous troll that calls people names seriously when they say they are "behaving".

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    3. You are missing the point, but continuing to prove the point. You feel that you should be able to not listen to posted rules or valid requests from authority figures. Asking you to leave is them taking action, and you not grasping that is problematic. If you choose to not respond to someone's initial request, you can't then be surprised when there are consequences.

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