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  1. Have a question - I know that Tag Wrangling is now closed for this time around but how knowledgeable does one need to be for a fandom? So one has to choose three minimum and I'm pretty knowledgeable in one and can get by, I'd say, for two more but that's it. My three would be Whose Line (RPF); Dukes of Hazzard; and MASH (I consistently write for Whose Line and have written during the years and probably have seen 95% of the actual episodes of all three shows. Saying that a wrangler was needed for all three, would one be expected to keep these three for their one year term or expand to cover more fandoms. Also, can a person continue past a year if they wanted. Thanks.

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    1. Apologies for the duplicate, I replied on the wrong account previously.

      While a one year term is the minimum commitment we prefer from applicants who join the tag wrangling committee, extending their time with us is absolutely an option. There are folks on the tag wrangling committee have served as wranglers for over ten years and additionally a number of wranglers have gone on to also serve on other committees within the OTW.

      In regards to fandoms, the amount of knowledge needed to be able to comfortably wrangle a fandom varies based on the fandom and how good available online resources are. If the fandom has an excellent wiki or you have access to reference material, being reasonably familiar with the fandom and willing to do the research as needed will see you through. If it’s a more obscure fandom and/or online resources (such as wikis) are unavailable or wildly inaccurate, you’ll need a much higher level of familiarity to get by.

      It’s also worth noting that while many accepted applicants do go on to wrangle at least one of the fandoms for which they have applied, there is no guarantee that the fandoms they applied with will be available for them to wrangle once they have been accepted as other applicants may have also applied with those same fandoms.

      The fandoms applicants apply with are meant to establish that they are comfortable with at least the bare minimum we ask of our wranglers, which is to be able to wrangle at least three fandoms. Many wranglers actually end up handling far more fandoms, with over 50% of the wranglers currently onboard are wrangling over fifteen fandoms each. Additionally, fandom needs and availability change constantly, thus fandoms in need today may not be in need the next time we are accepting applications.


      If you would like more information about tag wrangling, please feel free to check out this link here:

      Best Wishes,
      TW Co Chair

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