Comment on The Death of the Two White Mages

  1. WOW!!!!This is the longest comment I have ever receive!!
    I am glad that you like the Poltava story. According to documents, The Soviets made great efforts to prevent Americans from local women. Grinnaux made a mistake on the reason why Paul stared at hin a lot. :p
    And for Ignasse. He is a brave man, of some classic Heroism and Chivalry. So I made him the main character in the Potosi story. Janlenoux's past is the most heartbreaking part for me. The UN scandal is a real event. And the money boys on the beach, not fictional. Really a sad story. TAT
    115's encounter in Venice is cute. The Professor who taught me Latin once said: owls represent luck. I hope 115 in this story can have luck forever.
    Thanks for your comment. So happy to know you thoughts about these stories. XD

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