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  1. Oh my gosh, I am so excited that you're translating some of your works into English!!  I absolutely adore all your stories.  I haven't gotten to all of them yet, but I'm working on it, and I love every one that I have read.  It's a testament to your writing that even though the lens of google translate, the stories and the writing both really shine through.  

    In no particular order some of my favorites are below, in case that helps choose which ones to translate:

    The Silver Curse of Potosi: This one might be my #1 favorite.  I had never really thought that much about Ignasse before, but I loved him after this story.  I also adore all the interactions between Adelphel and Janlenoux, and all the people in Washington DC were hilarious.

    The Name of the Twelfth Knight: it's really neat to visit the world of the knights of the Grand Cosmos.  I love how recognizable they each are, while being their own distinct people.  The way Grinnaux sees Paulecrain in his dreams is also really cool. You must have run that dungeon so many times to get all the details!

    Love Death and Robots: all of these sensory explorations are really interesting.  I particularly like famous blind singer Charibert, and robot Hermenost's actions were heartbreaking.

    Italian Summer: I love each of these vignettes, especially Adelphel and Janlenoux.  What an adorable way for them to meet!  Charibert as a modern day cremation specialist is also perfect, and I love Zephirin the confused tourist.

    Bonfire: I can't believe how powerfully emotional this one is for such a short piece! The lynx and her cubs are such an amazing touch at the end.

    The Bastard of Poltava: Paulecrain asking Grinnaux to hand over the plane is the funniest thing, it kills me every time.  'You can fucking speak english??'  Especially after making Grinnaux do things like draw out the bear-woman thing.  This one is gold.  

    Crossroads: I love how reality absolutely slaps Grinnaux in the face as he talks to the surgeons about Paulecrain's eye.  The contrast between Grinnaux's sheltered life and Paulecrain's background is so vivid. Thank goodness their paths did cross.

    Thank you for writing so many amazing stories!!

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    1. WOW!!!!This is the longest comment I have ever receive!!
      I am glad that you like the Poltava story. According to documents, The Soviets made great efforts to prevent Americans from local women. Grinnaux made a mistake on the reason why Paul stared at hin a lot. :p
      And for Ignasse. He is a brave man, of some classic Heroism and Chivalry. So I made him the main character in the Potosi story. Janlenoux's past is the most heartbreaking part for me. The UN scandal is a real event. And the money boys on the beach, not fictional. Really a sad story. TAT
      115's encounter in Venice is cute. The Professor who taught me Latin once said: owls represent luck. I hope 115 in this story can have luck forever.
      Thanks for your comment. So happy to know you thoughts about these stories. XD

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