Comment on The Death of the Two White Mages

  1. I am glad that you like it!
    Italy is the country I visited the most times. I have written a series of story inspired by the sunshine Virgil and Horace once walked in.
    Your appreciation really means a lot to me!

    Buona fortuna!!!← One of the few Italian phrases I know...

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    1. aaa yes! Italian Summer right? ;w; that serie made me smile <3 it was so sweet to see all of them all around Italy, such an immersive experience <3
      I just love your fics so much aaa (Haumeric and Noudenet's dynamic is so interesting!) I can see how much love you put in them ;3; and it's really inspiring <3

      so GRAZIE DI TUTTO!! <3

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      1. Grazie again for your words. Really encouraging! Everything of the Heavens' ward is like songs from epic, even gives me the same feeling I have when reading Aeneas, which is my favourite one by Vigil. I have been trying my best to write for them, and will go on!!!!

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