Comment on When you go quiet I hate myself

  1. Thank YOU for this super sweet comment! I'm honored that my fic deserves to be on your re-read list :)

    The set up of the story in a lot of small scenes was so much fun to write, it made it possible to fit in a lot of elements, which was great. I like that you picked up on them still not being able to communicate very well in college, I really wanted to show their growth. They're definitely better than they were in high school, but they had a long way to go. Thankfully we got there in the end!

    I'm glad you liked Ash, because I was a bit nervous about writing in an OC. Also love your comment on the eulogy, April realises she has her own family and she has this amazing life despite being raised by JFS.

    Once again, thank you for this amazing comment!

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