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  1. Aaaaaa this was such a perfect fluffy story! Loved it! :D :D :D

    I kept thinking Aaron would call Robert something else than mate in the end though. But I won't get greedy lol. This was perfect!

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    1. Haha, yeah I couldn't think of what he would call him instead. I can't see Aaron calling Robert babe or sweetheart, but if I come across the right word I might update it. Glad you liked it :)

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      1. I've been struggling w the same and have decided that "babe" is the most likely candidate. I can't see them having names like that for each other but it's probably more likely that they do, because i feel most couples have some for each other (although it might be behind closed doors)

        Maybe Rob would call Aaron his little monkey. I could see that lol. Or something totally silly like... Oh idk. This would have been easier in my own language!

        I could picture them using "hon" a few months/years into the relationship though. Or "my love" but people seem to use that for everyone so maybe it's not special enough.

        How about darling? Like almost used in a silly way because it has a cheesy ring to it.

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        1. Yeah I've read a few fics where they call each other 'babe' and I think that's the most appropriate term at the moment. I didn't want to us 'love' or 'my love' because I just picture Chas nagging Aaron when she calls him love. I like the cheesy use of 'darling' though, I could imagine Aaron saying it sarcastically one time and it just sort of sticking, maybe I'll use this in one of my next fluffy fics.

          Roberts little monkey, I love that! And I've had Aaron call Robert 'rob' a few times, when he's being serious or needs Roberts attention.

          Maybe they don't have affectionate names for each other, they just have looks, because that's all they need.

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