Comment on Damage Control

  1. Okay, wow. First off, thank you so much for gifting this to me! I didn't expect a full blown fanfic to come out of this but thank you so much for letting your thoughts go wild on this one. Your style is always so eloquent and intellectual! I read your author's notes and YES the research was so apparent — this is something I see happening a lot and it was so realistic.

    I like how this was in Richard's point of view, how Richard felt like he should be more comforting towards her and yet they have to maintain that boundary they've set for one another.

    I like these bits and pieces about Richard's childhood, like this one: "He’d learned from his father - a middle-grade used car salesman in the Midwest" that reveals so much about the man…

    And also, Jesus Christ, this line: "Male celebrities had survived worse." It's so true in every way. I love how you included that in Richard's stream of consciousness.

    "Making this about her pain could get some public sympathy, especially from the feminist sector" Of course you'd go there, Richard… of course you would…

    "After spending his entire life clinging to one lifeline after another, he could recognize another survivor." Richard… this is why he and Emma work so well together, they've been through experiences that parallel each other.

    "Two hours later, the press had decided which side to choose, running thinkpieces on misogyny in Hollywood that ignored that, just that morning, they’d been trying to buy her pictures off of her ex the same as anyone. (The asking price, by the time they'd gotten it shut down, was $500,000 for a video.)" How can a short fanfic have so many layers to it?! It's almost scary how true to life this is. You're amazing, as always.

    Thank you so much for writing this and delving into the research for this. Hollywood is a scary and yet gullible place and I love how you touched upon that here.

    I would like to say that I wish Emma and Richard would be happy in the end but we all know how that ends...

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