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  1. Hellooo

    *Chrono voice* whats the point of a suitcase lock if it's not in use?

    I'M SO SORRY IBUKI.... that pain we all know...
    I thought putting this in might be a bit... too on the nose but like it happens often enough so, like,

    FHEZHFIUEZHFIUEHFIUEZHFIUEZ I love this and I love the try3 group chat dynamics.
    i kept thinking people probably prefer reading chat interactions as actual chats and that can be really great but using the prose to describe the interactions is really fun too...

    *Ibuki voice* I hate small talk. Talk to me about the spring/summer budget briefing.

    fhezuihfiuezhfiuezhufez oh my god did you think of nothing better fheuzihfeiuz

    do not bully him he sincerely wanted to know! :(

    And good taste, Chrono
    *chef kiss* what do we do when we love someone, except give them new ways to appreciate themselves more? Really makes you think

    (okay Ibuki being loud is also absolutely adorable tbh)
    it is! but the main reason i write him that way is bc i can't imagine anything else lmao.....

    "Send me a picture." Ibuki said and Chrono had sense and sanity knocked back into him instantly.

    writing this part was the biggest treat for me no question bc it was just so funny and I love breaking up the rhythm of it. also Tokoha texting like "hm i hope Chrono is ok i feel like he's being a bit distant..." but Chrono really is just tryna get in the mood lmao

    look when ur man drops you a pic u gotta drop some compliments in return ;v)

    Ibuki, spoiled by having a bf who cooks healthy food,
    the dream. good AND healthy food. praying emoji

    Anyway this was adorable.
    THANK UUU <33333

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