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  1. aaaah i enjoyed this so much!! i particularly liked reading about your CO-writing process and how you and leah don't always know who wrote what and how fun it is to when your partner adds in a really nice detail. those are my favorite parts of co-writing as well!!

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    1. thank you!! cowriting has been such a fucking joy and i wouldn't give up getting to do this with leah for the entire world.

      a lot of the early portion of this story--particularly these first three chapters, which seemed to be the best place to cut off the early chunk of commentary--is grounding the story in place and community, and although we both have small town roots, i think this particular community is more based out of my memories and ideas
      which is to say!! that i think the remainder of the commentary, as we get through the story, is going to have more about how we create this story, because i think the stuff we've plotted out for later in the story is more equitable.

      also, calla, the fact that you read and enjoy this story, and took the time to read my commentary means the world! <3

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