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  1. 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 Reading over this again and sorry! but I'm going to be soft!

    I'm obviously so glad I get to write with you, and especially to write this story with you. I know the story and settings are so personal, so rooted in your places and memories, but it was still so fun to read over your little descriptions of the places you grew up or the memories you pulled from to write this.

    Re. "playing tetris with feelings: slotting words together in the right shapes and orders to take a pretty normal thing and make it give you the exact right amount of feeling at the exact right time" YEAH you are so good at that. You've taught me so much in writing this story so far (for example, you should keep a list of minor character names and, planning is good, actually, lol) but the biggest thing I think I've learned is to dig deeper into emotional moments. You're never scared to complicate a character or even the readers' feelings about a character, and I know sometimes I'm a hassle about it because it scares me at first, but thank you so much for always challenging me and pushing me (in a good way) and for putting so much thought and depth and emotion into this story. I just love your writing so much. ❤️

    Okay on a lighter note 😍 the image of Nolan in heart shaped sunglasses killed me. And "he’s not a man doing feminine things, he’s him doing him things" is so perfectly articulated.

    Thanks for writing this insightful, funny, poetic commentary, and thanks for being such a good writing partner! 😘

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    1. be soft! be soft with me!

      writing this with you has been so good for me, too!! thank you for letting me push and challenge, and thank you for helping me think about and develop my writing style and for keeping me moving, both in the research-->plotting-->writing process and in the actual pacing of the story!!

      oh man, there are so many self-indulgent images i have in my head of nolan outfits/accessories that are just.... *chefkiss* the Gender Of It All


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