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  1. Jay and Nadine is just 💜💜. I feel horrible for Nadine. I love the early interactions of Blake and Matt with her.

    And then this whole exchange!!!!!--

    “Is it very bad that I’d welcome a small declaration of war?”


    “Any country. I’m not picky.”

    “Please don’t say that.”

    “Or a natural disaster. Just a small one—”

    “Please stop saying these things out loud.”

    “—I’d even settle for an international territory dispute.”

    He pointed at her. “You are going to manifest these thoughts into the universe, and then you’ll be sorry,”

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    1. Thank you! I've always loved their dynamic -- I feel like in a lot of ways he's the only senior staffer that can go toe to toe with her, or dares to (and also the only one that can push her and she'll probably let him get away with it).

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