Comment on The Wonderland Theory

  1. A nod to a great trilogy of games.

    Some moments in life can be a bit overwhelming, but I hope you’re doing well and that you’re taking care of yourself during these times.

    It is so cool that you updated tho!

    Finally Circle and Gav talked things through, sort of, and as a result seem to be on the same page about their pining feelings for each other.
    Smut can be difficult to handle, but the positive thing about writing it is that through practice you’ll get better. If you want to up your smut game then it’s good to do research into how some things work and good references are things that help out as well. Something that also helps is reading smut of differing qualities and analyzing the strong and weak points of it to find things you'd want to carry over to your own work. And if the topic may be a bit uncomfortable for you then you don’t have to pressure yourself as a writer to go that far because many great works can be written without going all they way to smut territory.

    Oh and the MysMes easter egg in Circle 6 chapter was cute. The character used seemed to be very fitting to the situation in the most amusing way.

    Good luck on your endeavors. I’ll be looking forward to future updates!

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