Comment on once upon a time is one time too many

  1. wow um anyway time for real commenting ofc shout out to baobao's cute fat draws ububu

    so from a team kizuna perspective i'm glad y'all took up crow since we kinda gave him the short lot but from a reader's perspective i'm glad y'all took him up because the narrative voice you give him is really funny, it cheered me up over the week and made me laugh a few times too. speaking of which LOL @ DEMAK ME TOO???

    your face is a weather

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    1. I'M GLAD YOU ENJOYED CROW'S VOICE i was a little nervous about that because I feel like there aren't really? a lot of fics from his pov so I wasn't really sure how to start writing him haha. but like. i'm pretty sure the story would have sounded a lot different from jack's pov and. yuusei's a dragon.

      LOL @ DEMAK (honestly does anyone except for ruka actually know about his existence i forget who was there for that duel but he literally like showed up once and dissolved into irrelevancy)

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