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  1. ok so while waiting for the next update, i have decided to reread this story and actually comment on every chapter, because i just love this story so much. sorry for the spamming haha

    Ist so interesting how anne already has her insecurity about the future here. She just is a person who always puts the needs of those around her at the top, so its very hard for her to actually know what SHE wants to do. Its so similar to the book, but obviously such a different setting, when women can do more than mostly just marry. And the whole doing things for others because that’s what you’re supposed to do. Already this strong sense of duty. Obviously very much foreshadowing haha
    And I love how freida is already just so…cool. That’s so fitting and exactly how I imagined the young wentworth to have been. Also I love your choice of name for her. Idk but its just suits her very well

    And I love the immediate connection they have, from both sides. Freida always smiling at annie is so cute

    But then also freida pulling back and saying shes just tired, that’s why she is looking at annie ☹ its just so sad for her to have to censor herself like that

    Also…tv show about British sailors in the 1800s hehe I see what u did there

    And interesting how annie is so into stories about unrequited love. Might be wrong but that is a very Gay thing in my mind

    And then how you just pushed in the church thing in the last paragraph. That’s just so interesting, letting us get to know her abit, before you show us whats going to be a problem.
    “Everyone would like her, she thought. Freida was cool.“ This is such a experience. “that person is just cool. I just like them a lot. I just want to be their friend SO HARD”….ok girl maybe ur gay

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    1. oh absolutely, I'm just giving Annie some of my own (gay) high school traits. I looooooved a story about pining. and I loooooved the gender bending shenans in 12th night. hm, wonder why :)

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