Comment on A Lime a Day Keeps Herr Doktor at Play

  1. This is my longest work here yet, and by far the one I care for the least. I had to force myself to finish it shortly before it automatically expired. This is related to how little I respect the radio show I am imitating here, although it was my irritation with it that led me to parody it. On writing this I have gained some small degree of respect for the writers (which Welles himself reportedly did not have for his ghostwriter), because churning out hackwork in adherence to a style is more work than I expected. And I didn't even manage to fit in the sort twist which occurs in nearly every episode of the original.

    Making use of different formats is one of the motivations for my writing, which I'm typically satisfied to be short proofs-of-concept. A radio show presents some issues in translating to text, as it relies on sounds and voice actors (and I missed Anton Karas' music for act breaks). I considered including onomatopoeia in brackets like [THUD], but deemed it too corny. Corny accents were an essential element of the original and help to distinguish who's speaking, and I found it more awkward than expected to render an accent in text. So there's some phonetic spelling, but I had to mix together mangled English with bad German close enough to cognates for those who know even less German than I half-remember. I didn't have any good ideas for rendering Russian, hence leaving it untranslated. The "secret" pass phrases are taken from Ilf & Petrov's The Twelve Chairs.

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