Comment on August 2020 Newsletter, Volume 149

  1. (Previous comment deleted.)

    1. You may want to address this on her behalf in the "Technical Support and Feedback" section at the bottom of the page! They’ll probably answer faster than in the comment section.

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      1. Thank you from the quick response 🤍 I hope it’s solved 🤞🏻🙏🏻

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    2. Hi, AnderfelsOne:

      Thanks for asking about your friend's account. We cannot provide account recovery information in public comments. She needs to contact us directly either through the Support form at or through the back-up form at (make sure to change the pulldown to "AO3 Support").

      Because your comment contained both a user name and an email address, I am proactively deleting it to protect your friend's account security. If you have questions, you can reach us at the above links as well.

      AO3 Support

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      1. Thank you team for the prompt response 🤍 I shall pass it on to her!
        Have a good day🤍

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