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  1. I’ve been debating whether to say this and how to say this, but by this point I think you deserve to know

    Your writing literally keeps me going. This year has been easy on exactly no one, and the past month has been Not Good. When I’m on the edge of absolutely losing it (I’m talking full-on mental breakdown in the corner of the classroom once the kids are gone) your AO3 profile is where I run. The way you write is so forgiving. It doesn’t matter how little room there is in my brain, your writing has a way of slowing everything down and telling my mind “it’s okay. I’ll take it from here. You can rest.” Doesn’t matter what the topic is; everything you write has the same effect

    Sorry that this isn’t really a comment on this particular story, but I felt like it was important to say. So thank you

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    1. I'm so floored by what an amazing comment this is, I'm kind of speechless. But even more I am so very sorry you're going through a rough time. I wish I could hug you in person, but I hope you will accept a virtual one. Thank you so much for telling me this; it means more than I could ever express. I am sending you all the positive vibes I can, and am glad that I could help in any way to help make things a little easier. You've got this. Be kind to yourself whenever you can!

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