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  1. Thank you for making the Shuichi version of FBI agent undercover! So far so good as it nice to have Shuichi scorns the fake dating (end of Clash of Red and Black) to Bank robbery (one of most dangerous but cool file, if things got south a bit Jodie could blistered to bits by the bomb).
    May I'll ask you to write the next chapters a bit more? It just this version seems lack something of what prequel (Jodie version has)// I don't know what exactly but I think it has something to do with Shuichi, one of characters that I think very hard to writes upon
    I hope you have good day always >< as I'll wait the story progress from here to Red shirt case to Sakura viewing (Kurobee murder case) to Scarlet series

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    1. You're welcome.
      You're right that this fic feels different. I think it's got to do with the fact that this time Shuichi and Jodie can't interact - that's also why I broke the original structure of two parts per chapter... In a way, I'm actually happy that it's different from "FBI Agent undercover", since this time it's even more serious (as in if Jodie's cover had been blown, it would have stopped her secret investigation, if Shuichi's cover was blown, it would result in Rena's death...). But I think I understand why you prefer part one of this series XD

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