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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    However, I'm afraid that I'm not comfortable writing any of the ships you suggested. I have for policy not to write anything where nazis are used for laughs, or where a minor is shipped with an adult, especially with a large age difference. As for the Amy/Victoria ship, as it is strongly implied in canon that Amy sexually assaulted Victoria, I am not comfortable using it for laughs either. Sorry!

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    1. Ah, sorry about that mate.

      But regarding that Skitter/Lung fic, I was referencing Journey of The Dragonfly and was kinda hoping you'd do like a timeskip.

      And wait... WAT.
      Amy did what to Vicky?!

      Is that from Ward? Cause I haven't read that. Did Wildbow change some parts of Worm Again?

      Sorry that I offended you, I was just hoping to create some laughs.

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      1. Concerning Skitter/Lung, even with a timeskip, I wouldn't be comfortable writing it.
        Concerning Amy, it isn't outright stated, but it is strongly implied in Worm that Amy sexually assaulted Victoria when she turned her into the Wretch.

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