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  1. (Sorry - hit the wrong button there!)

    Anyway, I was saying that another thing I love is how well you have taken up Tolkien's theme of music, from the description of a city like a song to the song of the healers to the reminder of LĂșthien's song before Mandos. And then right at the end of the chapter you have Gandalf saying "behold your music", and the irreverence of that is so very Gandalf but it also reminded me of a lot of Tolkien's thoughts on sub-creation and the concept of being "made in the image of a Maker", as he puts it.

    I could go on for a lot longer about this story, but I should probably leave it here. I'm really looking forward to the final chapter, but right now I'm going to re-read chapter 2 again...

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    1. This is such a great comment to get - thank you for all your thoughts and for taking the time to share them! (Because seeing readers respond to this - especially, seeing readers respond to things that were so close to my heart while writing it, like the music thing - has introduced me to a whole new class of delight. Seriously. Comments like this make me bask like a cat in a patch of sunlight.)

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