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  1. Baby Thomas Ross!! We love!! The entire scene of James reassuring Louisa that she is loved and wanted exactly as she is makes me so happy.

    I also – despite the circumstances – truly love that Goodsir has become the family doctor and general family friend.

    Louisa with a kitten is dangerously adorable and it made me laugh endlessly that James was almost certain there was mischievous intent behind her choice of name. She’d tell her friends about her new cat Cheetah, and of course someone would assume that she meant an actual cheetah. It's so excellent that Louisa is predictably a prankster, just like her dad.

    It's absolutely insane and wonderful to exist in a fandom where sentences like I have no idea what Fitzjames' cheetah's actual name was, Sheba was a spur of the moment choice. can exist. I am screaming.

    This is, yet again, utterly delightful and so sweet. A perfect blend of realistic concerns and worries and melt-downs and also Louisa being loved and given freedom to play and explore and grow.

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    1. My cat beeboo, doing knife cat face

      James knows what it's like to have anxiety over parentage/family and he'll be damned if he lets his daughter feel that anxiety.

      Louisa is a force to be reckoned with and her dads are her biggest enablers.

      I love every single name that his fandom has speculated might be the name of James' cheetah.

      As I said before, I'm so glad you're enjoying this!!!

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      1. I'm so enjoying diving into this world! (I've now also read "every little piece of your life" and I'm like... processing all the of the beautifully painful feelings before I leave a comment.)

        It's so wonderful to have the chance to see Louisa grow and navigate all those struggles of identity where she parallels her fathers' own journeys – James's especially.

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        1. My cat beeboo, doing knife cat face

          I'm really glad you're enjoying it so much! (I look forward to your comment)

          I've really loved writing it and developing Louisa. It's been a long time since I've put so much effort into a fandom OC and I'm so glad to see that people are enjoying her story TToTT.

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