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  1. Thank you, Felix, I'm so pleased that you enjoyed my scat humor, I'd tried to "ironically" reflect off of something said earlier when Taylor was advising Tori on how to approach Kate:

    Victoria stomped her foot in frustration. “Damn, I wish that I’d been nicer to Caulfield, she might know more about what’s wrong with Kate, but how do I approach Max about this, now?”... Taylor smirked and patted Victoria’s shoulder again. “I know that you secretly crave some Caulfield, Tori, but now you are going to have to ‘eat a mile of her shit in order to sniff her asshole.’” Victoria grinned as she wiped a tear from her eye. “I wish it was really that simple, Tee.”

    You are the first reader to even mention this, but admittedly, being my second LIS-based fic, my efforts are a bit heavy handed, so I'm very grateful for your comment.

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    1. Yo it's Felix made an account on here. I'm glad you enjoyed my comment. Your work is good and you are doing amazing. Keep up the awesome work.

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