Comment on Born Again

  1. "I have bound their souls for all eternity."
    It seems like 17-year-old Merlin is just as impetuous as canon-age Merlin. Giving someone a tattoo or binding people's souls might be the sort of thing you ask permission for before doing, but Merlin... isn't big on asking, I guess.

    Andreia seems to be a female version of Arthur, using blackmail instead of a sword, but with a similar sense of humor. I'm very happy not to know anyone like her myself, but I do have to wonder three things; why is she at court (geneologically, who is she?), how has nobody figured out that she doesn't appreciate being condescended to (they seemed to fear Morgana, in S1 canon), and is there anyone she would put up with without snarking and scheming? Gwen and Morgana seem safe, perhaps because Gwen makes everyone protective, and Morgana would appreciate having another fiery woman to spend time with.

    But in a world where men are bound by chivalry, and everyone except Morgana and Andreia follows similar rules for women... it seems a bit lonely at the top. Maybe that's why she's so sharp.

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