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  1. !!! RECETTEAR. And a gazebo! And a picnic in the dungeon! Oh, this is lovely. I started smiling as soon as I saw the tags and I can't stop. Recette's excitement at the new dungeon echoes my thoughts exactly, and Charme's prosaic "yes treasure good" attitude made me laugh... as did Tear, who knows enough to be frightened of gazebos, unlike her companions. (I wonder how Eric and the Dread Gazebo went down in this world, ahaha. The fairies know!)

    It is absolutely a dungeon. Look at all those frolicking bunnies!
    Oh, Recette. Never ever change. 💛

    And the picnic! Arma's outdone herself!

    "You don't want to sell everything?" Recette asks Tear uncertainly.

    "It's up to you," Tear says, though the possessive way she clutches her tiny teacup belies that,
    Ahahahaha. Luckily it's not hard to make ridiculous amounts of money in game (once you stop listening to Tear's bad advice about haggling, anyway). I'm so glad they both decided to enjoy the picnic!

    "Dessert comes after dinner," Tear says firmly, stopping Recette's reaching hand.

    "Let the kid live a little," Charme says, already on her second Mont Blanc.
    I had a sudden image of Tear dressed as an angel (not the eldritch horror eyeball kind) and tiny Charme dressed as a devil sitting on Recette's shoulders here. 😂😂😂

    "Correct." The flat voice comes attached to a familiar face. Arma stands at the entrance to the gazebo. "How is the food?"
    ARMA. 💛🤖💛

    "I did." Arma comes to sit at the table, though she doesn't grab her own plate. She puts her hands around the teacup without drinking it.
    Awww, she's trying so hard. Best android!

    "Why?" Recette wonders. This isn't like any dungeon Arma has designed before. There's only one level; maybe two if you wanted to count the top and the bottom of the hill. The only enemies are the bunnies, and they're not actually attacking. The closest thing to a treasure is the tea set, which Recette is strangely reluctant to part with.

    "I thought it would be fun," Arma says calmly, directing her unblinking stare at Recette. Almost uncertainly, she says, "Is it?"

    Later, when the picnic is over, a portal to the next floor opens. It's another hill filled with roving gazebos.

    "I was wrong," Recette admits, stars in her eyes. "It can get better."

    SO TRUE. (Best epilogue! 😂 Be careful, Charme, they're dangerous! And immune to fire and arrows!)

    Aww, this is so much sweet, fluffy, canon-typical cracky fun, mystery author! Thank you for indulging my exchange dreams of Recettear fic!

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