Comment on His Knight with the Red Hair

  1. SmolGreenSpacePimp

    Yes I have read a lot of fan fiction about toplock vamplock posessivelock
    I don't recall any topjohn fics though.
    However I can recommend the use of filters (is Specific filters a at that)
    Where I don't remember any fic names I do know that there are a lot of strength kink ( size kink is another) in fics where Sherlocks military kink comes into play
    another is omegaverse omegalock I don't know how much content there is for this but it has the strength kink aspects and the possessive aspects you are looking for
    Anything werewolf John with the tag too John could work too
    HMU and I can be more thorough
    It's just I wanna read RN
    sorry bout taking forever to reply

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