Comment on The Lesson

  1. Oh my wow! Can't believe I hadn't seen this! So many amazing lines that are just so *them." Some of my favorites: "What did you say just now? About not being afraid if you believe in something?"

    Ben chuckles. "Are you equating private matters to a fight for freedom?" and He folds his arms as Caleb removes his trench coat and lays it on the ground as protection. "This better, Your Majesty?"

    "If you're trying to sway me, you're failing. Miserably, might I add."

    Caleb's mouth twitches. "Ah, so it's motivation you need." Without warning, he snags a hand on Ben's jacket and yanks him close.
    The combination of their banter, and Caleb's lesson, is amazingly hot. Love that Caleb can't wait, and that he now owes Ben one!

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