Comment on The Flagship of the Fleet

  1. The word Ven in the top left corner and Beth is in the bottom left - in a purple curly font with a pink shadow. They’re on top of a blue scaly material. In  the very centre is an ankh necklace charm but the head has become separated from the body.

    This is beautiful. There really aren’t enough domestic Raylan/Boyd/Ava fics. I’ve been checking the Justified tag daily for weeks and this is exactly the kind of thing I wanted but didn’t dare hope for. I was this close to reading it as soon as I saw it which was at 2am but I’m really glad I didn’t because I got to savour it and truly appreciate it.
    Ava being in control is exactly as it should be. Boyd loving Raylan since childhood is another. Raylan being so entwined with their lives yet entirely his own is perfectly in character. There is nothing here that isn’t a dream come true. Thank you.

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