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  1. ELIZA I'M SCREAMING THIS IS GORGEOUS!!! the descriptions of the church, all the religious imagery pulled together. the descriptions of the town and how it changes in war time. vivienne's dreams, the way she tries to accept herself as disparate parts. I love how you rendered her—even though she's an oc I can picture her so clearly, and I really relate to her desire to be responsible, to protect her sister, to be good for her father, but still to dream of women. I love how much of this reads like a beautiful character study of one person's personal tragedy until we get to lauri.

    and then, oh my god, lauri. the scene where they meet and lauri just pulls vivienne into an embrace... MY HEART. I love how you describe lauri, too, lines like "and you think of the candy floss softness of lauri’s voice" are SO EVOCATIVE!! both vivienne and lauri thought it was just them but now they build this tiny family together—i love how you give them roles and responsibilities (taking turns foraging) but also show them growing closer. and then lauri kissing vivienne's wrist... so soft and then so warm.

    my favorite line is probably: "she holds you so tightly, it’s as though the shattered pieces of your personhood are put back together in her arms. you remember the sugared sweets of your childhood. you remember who you are - a protector." this is such a beautiful kind of love, that it is restorative. that both lauri and vivienne are able to find identity again, in caring for the baby and each other. and I am so in love with how you end the fic—not at the actual end of the war but at the place where vivienne can picture the end of the war, where she can finally see the future instead of a frantic day to day. I just... wow.

    eliza, your brain is simply enormous, thank you for writing these lesbians.

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