Comment on Ice Queen Victoria Thaws Her Heart

  1. Your feedback really tickles me, I'm so pleased that you enjoyed Victoria's desperate dash to make amends for ruining Kate, and Max's bumbling "no good deed goes unpunished" consequences, being shuffled to the sidelines as the doomed damsel in distress and her savior (more like her remorseful perpetrator?) get ambulanced within full view of the gawking looky-lou's. Victoria Is proclaimed the Hero of Blackwell, though there is some unremarked gratitude and Sweet-T compensation directed Max's way at the Queen's behest.

    Don't be in too much of a hurry to read through the chapters, since as of this morning, I've only replaced the first five, I can only manage a couple each day. They do take some mighty extreme and socially unacceptable tacks after this, although no laws of nature are violated, just be cautioned, the characters dictated the directions that the story takes, they are creatures born from the subconscious, creations manifesting in the fluid realm of dreams. Beware, take care!

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