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  1. Heck yeah!

    Duende As Usual by molybdomantic—the TMBG song “Three Might Be Duende” gets a backstory worthy of its bizarre wonders. I love the way this sideways superhero story builds to a grand (apocalyptic?) end the same way the song does.

    Guacamole Excitement Hyperbole by cartesiandaemon—Spaceteam, my favorite cooperative smartphone game, makes space travel look stressful and absurd, which it is. This story beautifully captures the yelling and button-mashing feel of it.

    Looking Back/Don’t Know Which Way I Came by dire_quail—this one was gifted to me, so I’m biased. But Tara helping Buffy with her emotional healing in the middle of season 6, one of the show’s darkest times... well, it definitely climbs my feelings tree, hitting every branch on the way up. So lovely.

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    1. Black and white scientific illustration of a brittlestar

      OMG, a Spaceteam fic? BRB reading immediately!

      EDIT: Y'all. Y'all. It's even better than I imagined it could be.

      Thanks for the recommendation, Satchelfoot. .

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