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  1. Burned Out by Wrabbit7: A very well written Daria AU that does a wonderful job fleshing out a background character--Burn Out Girl. Can't recommend strongly enough.

    Exodus into Fire by keita52: A well written nBSG--Mass Effect crossover that does a good job melding the two universes into a coherent whole. Great characterization and a good plot.

    The "Baby We're On FIre" series by Anonymous is a very good "That 70s Show" AU which takes as its point of departure the events around the episode Vanstock and goes from there. Well written with a good initial premise. Although I'm not a huge Jackie/Hyde shipper--they seem to be far and away the most prevalent ship in 70s Show fandom--the author does a great job in doing a fresh take on it and we really get to see some strong character development with Jackie.

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