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  1. Take Me Down by Koibitotedare
    It's a Haikyuu Mermaid AU, but even if you don't know Haikyuu, give it a go! It has the most amazing worldbuilding I have ever seen and for anyone who loves fantasy and mermaids, this is an absolute must read! Bonus: It already has over 180k words, and though updates take some time, they do come and they are absolutely worth it.

    tongue tied by izayas
    Haikyuu!!, Iwaoi; Kuroken, and Oikuroo
    If someone is looking for some painfully good slow burn, this is the way to go. Emotionally constipated idiots all around. Physically hurt me to read, but in a good way.

    Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys Series by Lady_Iwaizumi
    Haikyuu!!; KuroTeru, and I will advertise this ship until I die. There's only 41 fics here on ao3 with that pairing, which confuses me to no end.
    If you like Haikyuu!!, and you also happen to like My Chemical Romance (this is optional, but makes reading these five fics even more fun), then please give this a go. I had so much fun reading this, and the dynamics of these two give me life.

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    1. The letters U and C are a pale buttercup yellow set against a rosy pink background

      These all sound so great! Thanks for the recs c: I'll definitely be putting these on my to-read list!! (Especially excited for some MCR themed fics c: Amazing!)

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