Comment on Feedback Fest 2020

  1. Ruri Gokō from Oreimo thinking a lot

    I hope this Feedback Fest is very wild. :)

    All of my favourite fanworks that I discovered since the last Feedback Fest came to me as a surprise, seemingly out of nowhere. That may be why they left the biggest impression. It's hard picking just 3.

    The Smash Brothers fan documentary: a lengthy watch, but it convinced me the Melee community is literally an anime. My favourite part was learning about Isai!

    Kuromisakaijou's Shōnen Jeanne: I am admittedly not into RPF or historical RPF, but she piqued my interest after her Fate/Grand Order works, and I do not regret it! It was by far the best crafted comic book I read all of 2020! You can really tell that Misa is very passionate about the subject.

    All of Yumemey's channel, but if I had to pick one, it would be Cirno's Perfect Freeze (Easy). All of his videos are absurd, hilarious, and absurdly hilarious. I can't believe stuffed dolls with unchanging expressions could ever be this expressive.

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