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  1. Laura Roslin smiling

    Hi, Nightcandle!

    Rate limiting prevents a single IP address from making too many similar requests in a period of time. If the IP makes too many requests, they're given an error message for a few minutes. Providing someone with an error message uses fewer resources and places less strain on the servers than, say, the works page for the Fluff tag, which is the sort of page we're talking about here.

    Our rate limiting is high enough that most regular users won't notice it unless they're sharing an IP address with a lot of other AO3 users, which is something that might happen at a large institution like a university.

    Archive development team

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    1. blooming evening primrose

      Hi Sarken!

      Thank you for this explanation! Now that I actually understand what it means I am with you and the other coders that it was indeed a good thing to fix :)

      Best wishes to you and the rest of the team! :)
      I'm always in awe at the things you all do for the archive. ❤️

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