Comment on Sinner Like Me

  1. I like the pretense for this, and everyone is in character from what I saw. Erik especially was in character, to his withdrawal from Charles, to his unwillingness to share any of the blame in the situation. Did he really think that not talking to Charles when he showed a willingness to listen would make things better? This is also a very original idea, but I have some questions about some plot aspects. Did Erik agree to hiding Charles' telepathy or was it more Charles making the decision? Why did Erik's hatred of humans begin to resurface, and what triggered it? Logan also, came off to me as being out to seduce Charles from the beginning, why?
    There are also some minor mistakes I came across while reading, like wrong pronouns used for Charles, his, not her, nor did he care on page 4; than not that, hung not hanged page 6; held, not hold page 8; know it page 12; Don't you dare go near him, and not an, goes out without a sound or leaves without a sound, and reach for not reaching page 13; Pushes the door open and goes in page 14; mouth on his neck, the is not needed page 16; and that is all. Very minor stuff, even I do that and I am a native speaker. I'm also guilty of writing run on sentences.
    As for what to do with those two, well I am thinking Erik needs to face a few facts. As deplorable as Charles' actions were, it only went as far as kissing, and the blame is not his alone. Erik himself shares some blame by withdrawing from Charles as he had leaving Charles feeling unfulfilled. So naturally, someone else gives him what he's lacking in Erik and he accepts it. If Erik needs more reminders that Charles can be taken from him if he doesn't wake up, reality may remind him by taking Charles unwillingly from him versus the willingly leaving him for Logan. Please write more soon, it was a pleasure reading this, and I would like to see our boys happy again soon. ^^

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