Comment on The Short of It

  1. Oh my gosh, this is great! The commercial was hilarious but I didn't think a fic would really exist. But it does! And it's good! OT3, I didn't even think it could happen but wow!!!! Things I never knew I wanted and things I hope to never want again: Tooru x Looooong Looonnng Maaaaannnnnn~ x Chi.

    I love the names you gave the characters too! Nobuhito, it sounds like a great and dignify name but all I can hear in my head is the literal translation //snickers. Saki and Kakeru, the children's (twins?) name are lovely and so fitting too.

    Just a little sidenote, but I like all the little background you provided to the setting too. Like Nobuhito being rich.

    Thanks for writing and sharing this lovely fic! I enjoyed reading it! It certainly brighten my day and made me smile a lot! I still find the entire thing hilarious.

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