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  1. Hello! I just wanted to drop by to say that I really like this little character study! It's honestly feels like a breath of fresh air, to read this. I have seen some authors sort of reduce Logan into someone who is always just angry and hurt, just sort of wallowing in a mixture of trauma and remaining stagnant like that, which is rather dull to read. Your work acknowledges that Logan has experienced some of the worst cards that humanity has ever dealt, but he is still kind and, I find to be important, he is allowed to heal. I smiled at the "made funny faces at babies" paragraph, it was sweet and felt within his character.

    Basically, thank you for keeping true to his characterization and for the lovely character study. Sorry for the semi-random rambling and I hope you have an awesome rest of your day. :D

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    1. Black and sketchy-style art of a punk with a mohawk and a leather jacket over a trans flag background.

      thank you! i love logan a lot in all his iterations but podcast logan is very interesting to me, partly cause he's new and a bit mysterious. i worried when long night/lost trail started that he was going to be written mean and cruel, but it didn't take long for that to dissipate - his semi-reluctant adoption of the strawberry kids and then marcus was very true to form. not to mention the reveal towards the end of season 2 that logan is downright terrified of drowning, and yet he jumped in after the fisherman from season 1 during a storm without a second thought about it. that's why he's a superhero, even if he doesn't see it like that yet

      i'm glad you enjoyed this little piece, i had fun writing it! your rambling is welcome anytime, i love to hear what people think of my writing (the longer the ramble the better tbh)! i hope you have a lovely day too

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