Comment on this endless summer

  1. I always took the problems Billy had with Lucas to be more about how Neil would take it. Almost like he was looking out more for Max.

    But I do have a tendency to see the best in things.

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    1. I think that is a possibility, because it has been confirmed that Neil is racist. And, he was shown to be very violent during the flashback argument with his wife. So, I do think Billy would want to protect Max from an altercation like that, like he tried to do with his mother. But, I didn't want to completely remove Billy's culpability in the situation with Lucas and with how he acted. I think he did hold prejudiced views. But, I mainly took my understanding of those views from the comment he made to Max in the car.

      But, I think what you said about Neil is possibly tied up in his motivations too. I'm interested to see if the show does address Neil and Max in the future, since Max still lives with him.

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