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  1. Omg, yay, Ben/Caleb fic!! It's great. Determined Ben! Teasing Caleb! I love it. Poor Ben, he really does need Caleb's help to relax.

    "He sucks the head of Caleb's cock into his mouth and lets his tongue stroll along the shape of him. " - The last bit jumped out at me, I really like the way you put it.

    I can't wait for more TURN fic when the show starts up! Right? :D

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    1. I miss them so much, I can't wait until they're back on my screen being adorable bros with occasional power/friendship issues *_*

      (And thank you so much for catching that typo, I fixed :D)

      YES, more TURN fic! From me, and you! And in general. I miss this fandom. TURN and Dominion are the two fandoms that made Tumblr fun for me when I first joined. I'm so excited the TURN bunch will be back full-force in a few weeks!

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