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  1. shock and horror as vienya faces her first menacing opponent: the vending machine (it is hector's most loyal servant)

    Seriously speaking, that moment was amusing until you get that reminder of the poverty of her situation. And then it gets kind of "ha...ha...oh. oh no :c" And then it thuds in further when everything goes wrong for her and swimmingly for the mysterious stranger (Julio? Ein? either way I'm calling that they end up being her tragic opponent). At least things worked out for her, this time.

    Other than that, I liked the part involving the ritual, if only for some of the evocative descriptions - sometimes it was just stuff like "clinical stone," or the general part of It’s like a closed-off world./I feel like I’m standing at the top of the tower of Babel before it was destroyed. got a pretty image in my head, which was doused out by I feel light-headed, as if I’m pulling a black tapeworm out of my veins ew no no no I legit cringed at that but oh wow is she using sign language to communicate with Heckler (judging from I lift up my hands and shape them) ? Because that is cool, and good because I wondered about how they would communicate outside of the mind link

    My elemental alignment is with ether, and I cast attack spells by visualizing streams of light and explosions, like shooting stars and fireworks, or patterns of simple shapes like stars and crescent moons. that is also really cool and also KITN-esque

    but, in general, yesss this is going to be ballin', and now i will actually get to these stories in order

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    1. ycouyo chara

      and then vienya vs vending machines became a running gag in some of my other stuff because i'm terrible (i wouldn't be surprised if hector is to blame i mean 99.99% of the time it's hector)

      Maybe you will get to see the other half of this incident... somewhere... someday...... glances around evasively.........

      I'm glad that you liked (mostly) the language in the summoning ritual and the details about Vienya's magecraft! I have a lot of things about this 'verse decided to a rather stupid degree (for instance, I have each Servant's statistics all written out) and it's always nice to be able to slip those things into the actual work.

      also haha yeah part of how this is a canon-loyal story is that there is a lot of... really really gross body horror... floating around... (porn filled with terrible similes was my line in the sand basically: all the other stuff pretty much holds, whoops)

      I will see you on Ein's route when the opportunity strikes, then! If not elsewhere first. uwu

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